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M a n u f a c t u r i n g   a n d    M a t e r i a l    I n s p i r e d   H o m e w a r e

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Why are you called Factory Twenty One?


Our factory covers two units; they are numbers 10 and 11. So using our math’s skills we decided to add the two numbers together. And it’s the 21st Century ; )




How do I place an order?


You can purchase them through this web site through the shop page. All Pallet Pendant Shades are custom-built and may take up to 1 week to be ready prior for delivery. Payments will be accepted by PayPal when you place your order, or by cash if you pick-up in person. -OR- Visit our online shop at etsy.com /FactoryTwentyOne and place your order there.


PLEASE NOTE that all our pieces are hand-made to order. The Pallet Pendant Shades we make for you may vary slightly from what is pictured, though we make every attempt to be as consistent as possible. Wood is a natural product therefore every single piece is unique. We consider these imperfections to be part of the charm, uniqueness, and process of making them by hand. Surfaces are deliberately left unfinished.


Where do your products come from?


All our products are made at our workshops in Sussex, England. They are all hand made using recycled timber. Everything is designed, built, manufactured and sold form our workshops. Every piece is carefully thought out and constructed.


How do I care for the product?


Next time you do the dusting; just remember to include our products. Nothing else needs to be done.


Do I need to put them together myself?


Yes, we design our products to be simple to erect. Where needed we supply simple instructions. Part of the charm of our products is the fact you, the customer has the final act before the product is completed. It also keeps the shipping costs down, therefore saving you money.


Do you wholesale?


Yes! Follow this link for more info on that.